Iam a Sardinian artist based in London, dedicated to exploring,defying, and rethinking the medium of photography. My practicerevolves around experimental photographs that not only challenge ourperception but also redefine our experience of the world around us.These works serve as moments of escape, embracing theunpredictability and beautiful chaos of life itself.

In myart, everyday objects and moments collide to distort and exaggeratereality. Through a DIY aesthetic, I delve into realms beyond thephysical by manually altering photographic materials, employingtechniques like handmade filters, chemical treatments, doubleexposures, and digital scanning.

Fueledby the spontaneity of the creative process, I draw deep inspirationfrom nature. My work captures the meditative patterns, captivatingtextures, and shifts of color that encapsulate the unfathomablemajesty of the natural world. Just as our Earth is in a state ofconstant renewal, my images become portals to new times and places,offering surreal, juxtaposing vantage points.

Inspiredby my past work documenting rave and festival culture, I investigatethe curious behavior of individuals who embrace transcendental waysof thinking, allowing the binds of reality to loosen and forming aseemingly utopian environment. Channeling this transformative visionof alternate realities, my images become a playground where we areliberated from our inhibitions, the grind of routines, and ourpersonal and societal stigmas.

Theact of seeing has become warped in an age dominated by technologies,such as the presence of Artificial Intelligence. Photographyinherently embodies this dichotomy of truth and distortion,challenging us to see alternate realities that exist parallel to ourown. My images, through tactile manipulations, dissolve the linesbetween the two, proposing new ways of seeing.

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